Saturday, June 21, 2008

DBS / ABN AMRO's Hit the Nail with CYC Special Promotion

CYC the Custom Shop is renowned for being one of the best tailors in Singapore. With a rich tradition and good repute for delivering quality tailoring with the best materials and finest cuts, it is not surprising that the cost of tailoring a custom made shirt to make the perfect fit for you would be rather substantial.

In comes ABN AMRO's line of credit card offers. For the working adult who needs to look good, feel comfortable and project a smart image, this is the best deal I simply couldn't resist. Problem is I don't have an ABN AMRO card as yet! That's a problem I'll try to solve as I come to making the purchase.

For just S$99, you would be able to purchase a custom fitted shirt at CYC the Custom Shop. This is much lower than their usual retail price, which varies depending on fabric quality. If ever there is a time to revamp your wardrobe, I seriously think the time is now!

Having virtually tailored all my shirts, I have come to realise the importance of having a really good fit, and 100% devotion by the tailor during the initial measuring and fitting sessions. I've tried various other "popular" choices like Men's Tradition, and they simply haven't been that fantastic. To be very honest, despite others' proclamations, I would never go back to a tailor who doesn't have time to properly take measurements and makes the effort to ensure you get the right design and cutting that you want.

Premium service should equal premium products. And CYC's long tradition of tailoring wonderful nicely fitted shirts for men and women makes my case for featuring this promotion.

You could start off by selecting your own design, fabric and color, just to have an idea of what you may like. Either that or you can reference to their catalogue which can be found online. One thing is for sure, you really got to have a rough idea of what you are looking for as a new addition to your wardrobe, because it may get very confusing when you are actually there and books of fabric are thrown at you along with the many different styles and cuts for collars, buttons, cuffs... the list goes on.

Choosing a fabric online can be quite a challenge as it's hard to envision the end product looks and feels like. Nonetheless it's still a good way to start before making the trip. I have featured the look and feel of their website for selecting the fabric below:

While selecting the fabric, do take note that the ABN offer only applies to selected fabric. I wasn't able to find out exactly what the offer is limited to because of lack of detail on the ABN website. So please have a chat when you enter about the promotional fabric available.

Here are some designs from their 07 collection that you can use as a reference. The women's line looks very professional and stylish. Wonder if I can borrow some ideas for tailoring shirts for men? That'd be interesting.
The offer ends on the 20th of July so there's still time to consider making the trip down to their 2 outlets. One is at Raffles Hotel and the other at Republic Plaza on the other side of the california fitness bar.
For more information, do visit ABN website and CYC the Custom Shop.

I've just found out that DBS credit card also applies for this discount and have just barely found some space to add in some information from their website. Details as below:

CYC The Custom Shop

10% off regular-priced items
100% cotton 80 2-ply made-to-measure shirt from a selected range of stripe fabrics at S$99 (U.P. S$140)

Not valid for accessories, promotional items and other voucher used.

Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade #02-12, Tel: 6336 3556
Republic Plaza II #01-21, Tel: 6538 0522

Please also give me your feedback on your experiences at CYC and your feedback on the value of using the DBS or ABN line of credit cards. Much appreciated and do come back for more promotions in Singapore! You can alternatively receive email updates on our newly uploaded posts by subscribing to our Promopot feed.

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Jaymee said...

I'm curious, did you ever go and try out CYC? I was thinking of treating myself to a tailor made shirt and was wondering what your experience there was like.