Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Online Shopping Sales

Here's some more since my post on Kooshi, I've found some other websites selling clothes at reasonable prices. Here's some featured stores and their special sale items. You can check the website out, but before that, I've taken the effort to place some of them on this site.



There's a special discount spree going on for tiffany replica items, and I really do think they look good (in the picture), or at least they are meant to look good. Anyway featuring this because it's the last day to get them, so I don't know if you'll be interested but here's the details anyway. Cheers!

"Tiffany and Co. (replica) Special Discount Spree 3!!

3 days only for this Special Discount Spree!!

Opening date 9th June 2008 (Monday) at 0001hrs
Closing date 11th June 2008 (Wednesday) at 2359hrs
(estimated time to receive items: 3-4 weeks after closing date)"

Note: Payments are to be made before the closing date and any orders not paid will be considered null and void. Polishing cloth and gift boxes available for sale. Prices varies for different sizes of gift boxes. Please indicate in your order details if interested.

I'll try to feature more online stores and other promotions as I come across them, but if you do note any other promotion, in forums or websites or on the streets, please share it with everyone. You can drop me an email or simply insert your comments and I'll feature it on this blog.

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