Friday, June 6, 2008

Private Sale of Timepieces at Suntec Convention

Received this email on the promotion through a colleague who I guessed got from a friend who in turn got it from someone else... the many wonders of viral marketing, without anyone confirming it's authenticity!

So yes, I don't really know how credible this is, but I guess if anyone's interested, you could check it out. Sounds like the brands they carry are more fashionable watches and stuff. Pure speculation. But I bet serious watch collectors will be disappointed.

Anyway it's for one day 12-8pm details below, do let me know if it was good!

Date: 14th June
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Lvl 3 Rooms: 303,304,305


Juz Du It said...

if its private sale, does this mean everyone with this invitation can go? Must print and bring?

promopotter said...

Heya thanks for asking this question, think it's just a phrase use to catch your attention.

Please print out and bring along with you. I seriously doubt it's a private sale but you never know.

I received this promotion from an email from a colleague and wasn't able to verify its source.

Thanks for asking!