Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crabtree & Evelyn - DBS Card Promotion

From Saturday, 28th Jun 2008 - Monday, 30th Jun 2008. Receive $20 OFF with minimum purchase of $100 on regular-priced items in a single receipt.

Don't miss the Crabtree & Evelyn - DBS Card Promotion. PLUS a complimentary Gift Set (worth $30) with minimum nett purchase of $120 in a single receipt.

Terms and conditions apply.

While stocks last.

Visit in-store for more details.

Offer valid for DBS/POSB credit cardholders only.

Available/spotted at:

* Crabtree & Evelyn - Bugis Junction
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Ngee Ann City
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Paragon
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Parkway Parade
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Raffles City Shopping Centre
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Suntec City Mall
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Tampines Mall
* Crabtree & Evelyn - The Centrepoint
* Crabtree & Evelyn - Vivo City.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

DBS / ABN AMRO's Hit the Nail with CYC Special Promotion

CYC the Custom Shop is renowned for being one of the best tailors in Singapore. With a rich tradition and good repute for delivering quality tailoring with the best materials and finest cuts, it is not surprising that the cost of tailoring a custom made shirt to make the perfect fit for you would be rather substantial.

In comes ABN AMRO's line of credit card offers. For the working adult who needs to look good, feel comfortable and project a smart image, this is the best deal I simply couldn't resist. Problem is I don't have an ABN AMRO card as yet! That's a problem I'll try to solve as I come to making the purchase.

For just S$99, you would be able to purchase a custom fitted shirt at CYC the Custom Shop. This is much lower than their usual retail price, which varies depending on fabric quality. If ever there is a time to revamp your wardrobe, I seriously think the time is now!

Having virtually tailored all my shirts, I have come to realise the importance of having a really good fit, and 100% devotion by the tailor during the initial measuring and fitting sessions. I've tried various other "popular" choices like Men's Tradition, and they simply haven't been that fantastic. To be very honest, despite others' proclamations, I would never go back to a tailor who doesn't have time to properly take measurements and makes the effort to ensure you get the right design and cutting that you want.

Premium service should equal premium products. And CYC's long tradition of tailoring wonderful nicely fitted shirts for men and women makes my case for featuring this promotion.

You could start off by selecting your own design, fabric and color, just to have an idea of what you may like. Either that or you can reference to their catalogue which can be found online. One thing is for sure, you really got to have a rough idea of what you are looking for as a new addition to your wardrobe, because it may get very confusing when you are actually there and books of fabric are thrown at you along with the many different styles and cuts for collars, buttons, cuffs... the list goes on.

Choosing a fabric online can be quite a challenge as it's hard to envision the end product looks and feels like. Nonetheless it's still a good way to start before making the trip. I have featured the look and feel of their website for selecting the fabric below:

While selecting the fabric, do take note that the ABN offer only applies to selected fabric. I wasn't able to find out exactly what the offer is limited to because of lack of detail on the ABN website. So please have a chat when you enter about the promotional fabric available.

Here are some designs from their 07 collection that you can use as a reference. The women's line looks very professional and stylish. Wonder if I can borrow some ideas for tailoring shirts for men? That'd be interesting.
The offer ends on the 20th of July so there's still time to consider making the trip down to their 2 outlets. One is at Raffles Hotel and the other at Republic Plaza on the other side of the california fitness bar.
For more information, do visit ABN website and CYC the Custom Shop.

I've just found out that DBS credit card also applies for this discount and have just barely found some space to add in some information from their website. Details as below:

CYC The Custom Shop

10% off regular-priced items
100% cotton 80 2-ply made-to-measure shirt from a selected range of stripe fabrics at S$99 (U.P. S$140)

Not valid for accessories, promotional items and other voucher used.

Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade #02-12, Tel: 6336 3556
Republic Plaza II #01-21, Tel: 6538 0522

Please also give me your feedback on your experiences at CYC and your feedback on the value of using the DBS or ABN line of credit cards. Much appreciated and do come back for more promotions in Singapore! You can alternatively receive email updates on our newly uploaded posts by subscribing to our Promopot feed. Read more!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PC Show 2008 Explained 2 - TV and AV Stuff

Here's what has been documented in Cnet Asia's reviews and also a look at what Hardwarezone has posted for your reference. Hope you will find this worth taking a second look at.
Pioneer: Covered in Cnet
Panasonic: Covered in Cnet

Toshiba: Cnet's Editor's Choice and Star Buy!

Toshiba Regza 46X3500E (46-inch LCD) -

The good: Overall sharp and clean visuals; accurate color decoding; full-HD resolution and 1080p input-compatibility; dual HDMI 1.3 terminals; simple yet appealing visual design; extremely affordable.

The bad: Cumbersome toggle input and confusing control buttons; soft PC text.

The bottom line: The Toshiba 46X3500E is yet another no-frills entry, albeit with almost future-proofed specifications offering excellent performance at rock-bottom pricing.

Samsung: Hardwarezone and Cnet features

For more information on Cnet and Hardwarezone's coverage of the PC Show 2008 please click here for CNET Asia and here for Hardwarezone.
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PC Show 2008 at Suntec Explained 1 - PCs and Notebooks

The PC show is now on! It is one of the mega events of the year for IT users and bargain hunters for the latest innovations in IT products. Thus Promopot's coverage commences with an extraction of details taken from scouring various websites and resources.

I will try to make our coverage less of an information glut but it will point you to more details from our main sources of information, trusted Hardwarezone and Cnet Asia. So let's take a stab at this...

Here's what Hardwarezone is pitching: "PC Show 2008 Commences

Unlike previous years, this year's PC Show opened a tad later, closer to the middle of June. That however doesn't change the fact that the yearly PC Show and it's great mid-year bargains are here to grab your attention. Perhaps with the extra week of time, you might have had more time to deliberate on what you might want to gun for during the show, or if you were among the lucky attendees of our inaugural PlayTest event held last Saturday on the 7th of June, you would have had the privilege to meet our editorial staff for the best industry advice/consultation on what to grab during the PC Show and of course a chance to try some of the latest gizmos and showcases we've had set up.

For those of you who are ready to dash for PC Show 2008, it's happening at the Suntec City Convention Center from 12th June to 15th June, open from 12 noon to 9pm. And to give you a good overview before you head down, we've got some of the hot bargains covered in this article. So read on and happy planning."

Different Styles Merged into 1: Hardwarezone and Cnet both features by brands but surprisingly they do not cover all the same models in the same portfolio

1. Acer

Hardwarezone's coverage of the Acer booth:

Cnet Asia's coverage of Acer:

Cnet's Acer Star Buys: Reviews on Aspire 5920G

Rating: 6.2
The good:
High-end specifications; excellent performance; brilliant screen.

The bad: Grey coloring; misplaced USB port; overall design.

The bottom line: The Aspire 5920 is a candidate for the ugliest laptop of the year. It's smeared in enough grey to put British skies to shame, and has had some absolutely awful design touches. But the rest of the laptop is a very good one. It's fast, feature-packed and is excellent value for money.

Cnet's Acer Star Buys: Reviews on Aspire 2920Z

Rating: 8
The good: Good connectivity options; reasonable performance for the size.

The bad: Speakers aren't great; no digital video-out.

The bottom line: The Aspire 2920 should suit most people who are on a budget and like to stay portable, but still need a bit of grunt. If it had an HDMI port, it'd almost be the perfect solution.

2. Apple

Hardwarezone's coverage of the Apple booth: (Cnet Not Available)

Cnet's Review: On Apple Notebooks

3. HP / Compaq

$999 Deals on Compaq Presario Available!
Hardwarezone's coverage of the HP / Compaq Booth:

Cnet's coverage of the HP / Compaq Booth:

3. Lenovo

Cnet's coverage of the Lenovo:
X300 Editor's Choice Review: retail at $4,799

For more of Cnet Asia's listing of Notebooks please click here
HardwareZone's coverage can also be found here

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Online Shopping Sales

Here's some more since my post on Kooshi, I've found some other websites selling clothes at reasonable prices. Here's some featured stores and their special sale items. You can check the website out, but before that, I've taken the effort to place some of them on this site.
There's a special discount spree going on for tiffany replica items, and I really do think they look good (in the picture), or at least they are meant to look good. Anyway featuring this because it's the last day to get them, so I don't know if you'll be interested but here's the details anyway. Cheers!

"Tiffany and Co. (replica) Special Discount Spree 3!!

3 days only for this Special Discount Spree!!

Opening date 9th June 2008 (Monday) at 0001hrs
Closing date 11th June 2008 (Wednesday) at 2359hrs
(estimated time to receive items: 3-4 weeks after closing date)"

Note: Payments are to be made before the closing date and any orders not paid will be considered null and void. Polishing cloth and gift boxes available for sale. Prices varies for different sizes of gift boxes. Please indicate in your order details if interested.

I'll try to feature more online stores and other promotions as I come across them, but if you do note any other promotion, in forums or websites or on the streets, please share it with everyone. You can drop me an email or simply insert your comments and I'll feature it on this blog.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

UOB Credit Cards for Movie Goers at Cathay

This is truly one amazing credit card for the everyday Singaporean pastime of watching movies!

Tuesdays@Cathay - Use just 1 Smart$ to purchase 1 movie ticket on Tuesdays. The only drawback using this is the movies available are limited to non * denoted movies. Otherwise this is absolutely fantastic!

Ideal for after work rendezvous at a cinema near you, this is bargain that you won't want to miss out on.

For more information on the list of movies available to you on Tuesdays, you can check it out from the Cathay website.

Other discounts on UOB for movie goers@Cathay, you can enjoy $2 off the regular movie ticket prices i.e. $6 on weekdays and $8 on weekends as well.

All in all, a really handy card to have if your hobby is watching movies. I simply love using this!

Terms and Conditions: Please refer to the terms and conditions below, and for the full list, you can also click here.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

O2 Is Having GSS Too!

I have recently signed up for the O2 newsletter and my golly, I didn't realise just how aggressive their promotional offers are! It's quite an interesting site, with some O2 member benefits for you to explore and sign up to. Just a point to note though, gals please don't get too carried away... my girlfriend has been putting up making more frequently lately and I think she's incrementally painting up her whole face... it's an addiction! really! Anyway that aside... do check out their offers!
I think the one for one offers are pretty compelling on Blossom Blushes and O2 Eyelashers.

Here's some information I got for those (like me) who don't know much!

The Oo Clear Set

To find out more about what is available at O2 Skin, please click here to go to their website. Read more!

Private Sale of Timepieces at Suntec Convention

Received this email on the promotion through a colleague who I guessed got from a friend who in turn got it from someone else... the many wonders of viral marketing, without anyone confirming it's authenticity!

So yes, I don't really know how credible this is, but I guess if anyone's interested, you could check it out. Sounds like the brands they carry are more fashionable watches and stuff. Pure speculation. But I bet serious watch collectors will be disappointed.

Anyway it's for one day 12-8pm details below, do let me know if it was good!

Date: 14th June
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre Lvl 3 Rooms: 303,304,305

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Monday, June 2, 2008

G2000 e-voucher: 10% off final bill

From 16th May to 15th June, enjoy 10% off your final bill when you purchase at G2000. Remember to print out this voucher and submit a copy with every purchase!

Do take note of the terms and conditions as follows:

  • Not valid in conjunction with discount cards, vouchers and other promotions
  • Not valid at G2000 Anchorpoint, IMM, Isetan Scotts, Isetan Parkway Parade, Metro Paragon and OG Centre Point
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

EpiCentre celebrates 6 epic years

... with up to 60% off Storewide!

You would have read in the papers today but in case you've missed out the FULL PAGE advertisement (I could have been meaner, but I'm nice...) on the Straits Times today, please read on!

So without further adieu, let me present...

Don't really understand the Trade in any MP3 player for an iPod thing, but would really much like to check it out. I've got a super old 3rd Generation iPod, loyal but looks like time i change up into something better. Leave me a comment if you have more information!

To enjoy more discounts and exclusive deals, you may also want to sign up to be a EpiCentre Member now!
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