Thursday, June 12, 2008

PC Show 2008 at Suntec Explained 1 - PCs and Notebooks

The PC show is now on! It is one of the mega events of the year for IT users and bargain hunters for the latest innovations in IT products. Thus Promopot's coverage commences with an extraction of details taken from scouring various websites and resources.

I will try to make our coverage less of an information glut but it will point you to more details from our main sources of information, trusted Hardwarezone and Cnet Asia. So let's take a stab at this...

Here's what Hardwarezone is pitching: "PC Show 2008 Commences

Unlike previous years, this year's PC Show opened a tad later, closer to the middle of June. That however doesn't change the fact that the yearly PC Show and it's great mid-year bargains are here to grab your attention. Perhaps with the extra week of time, you might have had more time to deliberate on what you might want to gun for during the show, or if you were among the lucky attendees of our inaugural PlayTest event held last Saturday on the 7th of June, you would have had the privilege to meet our editorial staff for the best industry advice/consultation on what to grab during the PC Show and of course a chance to try some of the latest gizmos and showcases we've had set up.

For those of you who are ready to dash for PC Show 2008, it's happening at the Suntec City Convention Center from 12th June to 15th June, open from 12 noon to 9pm. And to give you a good overview before you head down, we've got some of the hot bargains covered in this article. So read on and happy planning."

Different Styles Merged into 1: Hardwarezone and Cnet both features by brands but surprisingly they do not cover all the same models in the same portfolio

1. Acer

Hardwarezone's coverage of the Acer booth:

Cnet Asia's coverage of Acer:

Cnet's Acer Star Buys: Reviews on Aspire 5920G

Rating: 6.2
The good:
High-end specifications; excellent performance; brilliant screen.

The bad: Grey coloring; misplaced USB port; overall design.

The bottom line: The Aspire 5920 is a candidate for the ugliest laptop of the year. It's smeared in enough grey to put British skies to shame, and has had some absolutely awful design touches. But the rest of the laptop is a very good one. It's fast, feature-packed and is excellent value for money.

Cnet's Acer Star Buys: Reviews on Aspire 2920Z

Rating: 8
The good: Good connectivity options; reasonable performance for the size.

The bad: Speakers aren't great; no digital video-out.

The bottom line: The Aspire 2920 should suit most people who are on a budget and like to stay portable, but still need a bit of grunt. If it had an HDMI port, it'd almost be the perfect solution.

2. Apple

Hardwarezone's coverage of the Apple booth: (Cnet Not Available)

Cnet's Review: On Apple Notebooks

3. HP / Compaq

$999 Deals on Compaq Presario Available!
Hardwarezone's coverage of the HP / Compaq Booth:

Cnet's coverage of the HP / Compaq Booth:

3. Lenovo

Cnet's coverage of the Lenovo:
X300 Editor's Choice Review: retail at $4,799

For more of Cnet Asia's listing of Notebooks please click here
HardwareZone's coverage can also be found here

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