Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tong Shui Cafe - Mini Dumplings or Dumplings Mini Promotion

Read a review by Camemberu on Tong Shui Cafe, just the sight of those pictures made me drool :P maybe I'd pop round for some supper tonight, at the expense of 1 week's worth of hard work at the gym.

Just looking at the Thick Toast made me salivate.... priced at $2.88

Wah super detrimental....

oh yea, here comes the promotion bit just in case anyone's keen...

Tong Shui Cafe's Mini Dumplings promotion...
They'd like to call it a dumplings mini promotion or a mini dumplings promotion... anyway it's quite a mini promotion at $8.88 don't think you'll save that much, but hey, if the food is as good as it looks? I'd bet any promotion is better than nothing at all!

So let's see if I can find some time and calories to spare for Tong Shui Cafe. Stay tuned for my upcoming review (if I ever get there one day... :P)

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